About Us


Our mission is to support the food, land, water and cultures of the people of Northern New Mexico. Taos County Economic Development Corporation (TCEDC) has focused on maintaining equity and ownership for land-based people, combatting poverty, as well as providing access to education, businesses, and other sector opportunities.

TCEDC’s efforts are to support sustainable livelihoods in agricultural and food-related enterprises. We provide successful strategies for limited resource food producers, particularly women and people of color.


Our vision since 1987 is to build upon the strengths and wisdom of land-based cultures that have demonstrated the ability to survive and overcome adversity by retaining beliefs and values.

TCEDC is a Community-based Economic Development providing educational opportunities, assets and tools for the community that supports and protects the environment of this unique valley. People of all colors and backgrounds joining together through TCEDC projects and programs in a united effort to focus on implementing strategies to strengthen families and a way of life that puts people first.

It is with our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation of this community that we introduce to you the most current activities, programs, and projects of TCEDC supporting food, land, and cultures in order to create food sovereignty for the peoples of Northern, New Mexico.


Community, food security, land tenure and preservation of water rights are primary among the concerns of all people of colors and background of Northern New Mexico. We strive to maintain quality of life for future generations with special care and attention to land.


Not Forgotten Outreach (NFO)
Red Willow Center
Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)
Alianza Agri-cultura De Taos
National Young Farmers Coalition – El Valle Del Norte Chapter

Here are other active organizations
in Taos County whom we support:

Farmhouse Cafe
Juan I. Gonzales Ag Center
Taos Soil & Water Conservation District
Farm Service Agency (USDA Agency)

National Resources Conservation Service
Taos Land Trust
Taos Entrepreneurial Network (TEN)
Taos Farmers Market

Questa Farmers Market
Talpa Farmers Market
Veterans Off Grid